Pastor curt simmons

Curt Simmons is the lead pastor of Friendship Church and the founding pastor. Curt's primary responsibilities are to manage Sunday worship programming and preaching and oversee teaching programs at FC. Curt has bachelor and master's degrees from Stephen F. Austin State and did post-graduate work at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Curt is married to Dawn and they have two children, Hannah and Mattie. Curt is the author of The Deep: Keys to Dynamic Faith and Panic Room: Living Beyond Fear.  Contact Curt at  

Matt keefer

Our Worship & Creative Pastor recently came on staff after spending the last 8 years doing music ministry just south of Atlanta, GA. He is 35 and happily married to Danielle and they have one child named Carter. Matt loves to sing and play guitar and various other instruments. He is excited to work with a talented group of individuals that lead our services weekly. If you have any questions regarding our music ministry please contact him at

Paula hertzler

Paula Hertzler is the administrative assistant for Friendship Church. She takes care of the church's office, scheduling, our database, and generally keeps the paperwork moving in the right direction.  She is married to Tom. Contact her at

In memoriam

The people of Friendship Church are grateful for the ministry of family pastor Ronny Hale. Ronny was also a founding pastor and worked with FC's youth and families since the church's beginning with his wife, Patty. He passed away in 2014.  We are thankful for the time we had with him.